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Healthy Living

The health is the eternal theme of human beings and an important symbol of social progress, and the health has become the fundamental objective of people's life in the new century. With the changing perception for health, ,people are more likely to pay attention on how to prevent diseases compared to taking medicines or receiving medical treatments . Healthy living concept gains more recognition than ever before.

"Health China" has become a national strategy. The government promotes the construction of Health China, deepens the medical and health system reform, and brings new development opportunities to the massive health industry.The "Health China" strategy also clearly points out that: By 2030, the total scale of health service industry will reach 16 trillion. The market scale of the current stage still has more than ten trillion development space away from this development objective, which also means that the massive health industry will usher in the golden age.CHINA WILL BECOME THE LARGEST MARKET FOR THE GLOBAL HEALTH INDUSTRY

The company's business philosophy has been following the pace of times. Adhering to our mission to bring health to mankind, we expand our industrail landscape and our consumer group from the elderly to the young generatiowho has stronger sense of health.

We established Fujian Longjintang Health Industry Co., Ltd., and launched two competitive products—Longjintang “Elastin Peptide Oligomerization Fruit Drink” and “Fruit and Vegetable Fermented Jelly” based on the product concepts “Beauty” and “Easiness”.

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